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usage: nodetool [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)] [(-pwf <passwordFilePath> | --password-file <passwordFilePath>)] [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)] <command> [<args>]

The most commonly used nodetool commands are:

assassinate - Forcefully remove a dead node without re-replicating any data. Use as a last resort if you cannot removenode

bootstrap - Monitor/manage node’s bootstrap process

cleanup - Triggers the immediate cleanup of keys no longer belonging to a node. By default, clean all keyspaces

clearsnapshot - Remove the snapshot with the given name from the given keyspaces. If no snapshotName is specified we will remove all snapshots

compact - Force a (major) compaction on one or more tables or user-defined compaction on given SSTables

compactionhistory - Print history of compaction

compactionstats - Print statistics on compactions

decommission - Decommission the node I am connecting to

describecluster - Print the name, snitch, partitioner and schema version of a cluster

describering - Shows the token ranges info of a given keyspace

disableautocompaction - Disable autocompaction for the given keyspace and table

disablebackup - Disable incremental backup

disablebinary - Disable native transport (binary protocol)

disablegossip - Disable gossip (effectively marking the node down)

disablehandoff - Disable storing hinted handoffs

disablehintsfordc - Disable hints for a data center

disablethrift - Disable thrift server

drain - Drain the node (stop accepting writes and flush all tables)

enableautocompaction - Enable autocompaction for the given keyspace and table

enablebackup - Enable incremental backup

enablebinary - Reenable native transport (binary protocol)

enablegossip - Reenable gossip

enablehandoff - Reenable future hints storing on the current node

enablehintsfordc - Enable hints for a data center that was previsouly disabled

enablethrift - Reenable thrift server

failuredetector - Shows the failure detector information for the cluster

flush - Flush one or more tables

garbagecollect - Remove deleted data from one or more tables

gcstats - Print GC Statistics

getcompactionthreshold - Print min and max compaction thresholds for a given table

getcompactionthroughput - Print the MB/s throughput cap for compaction in the system

getconcurrentcompactors - Get the number of concurrent compactors in the system.

getendpoints - Print the end points that owns the key

getinterdcstreamthroughput - Print the Mb/s throughput cap for inter-datacenter streaming in the system

getlogginglevels - Get the runtime logging levels

getsstables - Print the sstable filenames that own the key

getstreamthroughput - Print the Mb/s throughput cap for streaming in the system

gettimeout - Print the timeout of the given type in ms

gettraceprobability - Print the current trace probability value

gossipinfo - Shows the gossip information for the cluster

help - Display help information

info - Print node information (uptime, load, …​)

invalidatecountercache - Invalidate the counter cache

invalidatekeycache - Invalidate the key cache

invalidaterowcache - Invalidate the row cache

join - Join the ring

listsnapshots - Lists all the snapshots along with the size on disk and true size.

move - Move node on the token ring to a new token

netstats - Print network information on provided host (connecting node by default)

pausehandoff - Pause hints delivery process

proxyhistograms - Print statistic histograms for network operations

rangekeysample - Shows the sampled keys held across all keyspaces

rebuild - Rebuild data by streaming from other nodes (similarly to bootstrap)

rebuild_index - A full rebuild of native secondary indexes for a given table

refresh - Load newly placed SSTables to the system without restart

refreshsizeestimates - Refresh system.size_estimates

reloadlocalschema - Reload local node schema from system tables

reloadtriggers - Reload trigger classes

relocatesstables - Relocates sstables to the correct disk

removenode - Show status of current node removal, force completion of pending removal or remove provided ID

repair - Repair one or more tables

replaybatchlog - Kick off batchlog replay and wait for finish

resetlocalschema - Reset node’s local schema and resync

resumehandoff - Resume hints delivery process

ring - Print information about the token ring

scrub - Scrub (rebuild sstables for) one or more tables

setcachecapacity - Set global key, row, and counter cache capacities (in MB units)

setcachekeystosave - Set number of keys saved by each cache for faster post-restart warmup. 0 to disable

setcompactionthreshold - Set min and max compaction thresholds for a given table

setcompactionthroughput - Set the MB/s throughput cap for compaction in the system, or 0 to disable throttling

setconcurrentcompactors - Set number of concurrent compactors in the system.

sethintedhandoffthrottlekb - Set hinted handoff throttle in kb per second, per delivery thread.

setinterdcstreamthroughput - Set the Mb/s throughput cap for inter-datacenter streaming in the system, or 0 to disable throttling

setlogginglevel - Set the log level threshold for a given class. If both class and level are empty/null, it will reset to the initial configuration

setstreamthroughput - Set the Mb/s throughput cap for streaming in the system, or 0 to disable throttling

settimeout - Set the specified timeout in ms, or 0 to disable timeout

settraceprobability - Sets the probability for tracing any given request to value. 0 disables, 1 enables for all requests, 0 is the default

snapshot - Take a snapshot of specified keyspaces or a snapshot of the specified table

status - Print cluster information (state, load, IDs, …​)

statusbackup - Status of incremental backup

statusbinary - Status of native transport (binary protocol)

statusgossip - Status of gossip

statushandoff - Status of storing future hints on the current node

statusthrift - Status of thrift server

stop - Stop compaction

stopdaemon - Stop cassandra daemon

tablehistograms - Print statistic histograms for a given table

tablestats - Print statistics on tables

toppartitions - Sample and print the most active partitions for a given column family

tpstats - Print usage statistics of thread pools

truncatehints - Truncate all hints on the local node, or truncate hints for the endpoint(s) specified.

upgradesstables - Rewrite sstables (for the requested tables) that are not on the current version (thus upgrading them to said current version)

verify - Verify (check data checksum for) one or more tables

version - Print cassandra version

viewbuildstatus - Show progress of a materialized view build

See 'nodetool help <command>' for more information on a specific command.