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jvm-* files

Several files for JVM configuration are included in Cassandra. The jvm-server.options file, and corresponding files jvm8-server.options and jvm11-server.options are the main file for settings that affect the operation of the Cassandra JVM on cluster nodes. The file includes startup parameters, general JVM settings such as garbage collection, and heap settings. The jvm-clients.options and corresponding jvm8-clients.options and jvm11-clients.options files can be used to configure JVM settings for clients like nodetool and the sstable tools.

See each file for examples of settings.


The jvm- files replace the cassandra-envsh file used in Cassandra versions prior to Cassandra 3.0. The bash script file is still useful if JVM settings must be dynamically calculated based on system settings. The jvm- files only store static JVM settings.