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The configuration file can optionally set commands that are executed when archiving or restoring a commitlog segment.



One command can be inserted with %path and %name arguments. %path is the fully qualified path of the commitlog segment to archive. %name is the filename of the commitlog. STDOUT, STDIN, or multiple commands cannot be executed. If multiple commands are required, add a pointer to a script in this option.

Example: archive_command=/bin/ln %path /backup/%name

Default value: blank


One command can be inserted with %from and %to arguments. %from is the fully qualified path to an archived commitlog segment using the specified restore directories. %to defines the directory to the live commitlog location.

Example: restore_command=/bin/cp -f %from %to

Default value: blank


Defines the directory to scan the recovery files into.

Example: restore_directories=/path/to/restore_dir_location

Default value: blank


Restore mutations created up to and including this timestamp in GMT in the format yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss. Recovery will continue through the segment when the first client-supplied timestamp greater than this time is encountered, but only mutations less than or equal to this timestamp will be applied.

Example: restore_point_in_time=2020:04:31 20:43:12

Default value: blank


Precision of the timestamp used in the inserts. Choice is generally MILLISECONDS or MICROSECONDS

Example: precision=MICROSECONDS

Default value: MICROSECONDS