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Hash password

The hash_password tool is used to get the jBcrypt hash of a password. This hash can be used in CREATE/ALTER ROLE/USER statements for improved security.

This feature can be useful if we want to make sure no intermediate system, logging or any other possible plain text password leak can happen.


hash_password <options>


Displays help message

-e,--environment-var <arg>

Use value of the specified environment variable as the password

-i,--input <arg>

Input is a file (or - for stdin) to read the password from. Make sure that the whole input including newlines is considered. For example, the shell command echo -n foobar | hash_password -i - will work as intended and just hash 'foobar'.

-p,--plain <arg>

Argument is the plain text password

-r,--logrounds <arg>

Number of hash rounds (default: 10).

One of the options --environment-var, --plain or --input must be used.