nodetool tablestats - Print statistics on tables

        nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)]
                [(-pp | --print-port)] [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]
                [(-pwf <passwordFilePath> | --password-file <passwordFilePath>)]
                [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] tablestats
                [(-F <format> | --format <format>)] [(-H | --human-readable)] [-i]
                [(-l | --sstable-location-check)] [(-s <sort_key> | --sort <sort_key>)]
                [(-t <top> | --top <top>)] [--] [<keyspace.table>...]

        -F <format>, --format <format>
            Output format (json, yaml)

        -h <host>, --host <host>
            Node hostname or ip address

        -H, --human-readable
            Display bytes in human readable form, i.e. KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB

            Ignore the list of tables and display the remaining tables

        -l, --sstable-location-check
            Check whether or not the SSTables are in the correct location.

        -p <port>, --port <port>
            Remote jmx agent port number

        -pp, --print-port
            Operate in 4.0 mode with hosts disambiguated by port number

        -pw <password>, --password <password>
            Remote jmx agent password

        -pwf <passwordFilePath>, --password-file <passwordFilePath>
            Path to the JMX password file

        -s <sort_key>, --sort <sort_key>
            Sort tables by specified sort key
            bloom_filter_false_positives, bloom_filter_false_ratio,
            bloom_filter_off_heap_memory_used, bloom_filter_space_used,
            compacted_partition_maximum_bytes, compacted_partition_mean_bytes,
            compression_metadata_off_heap_memory_used, dropped_mutations,
            full_name, index_summary_off_heap_memory_used, local_read_count,
            local_read_latency_ms, local_write_latency_ms,
            maximum_tombstones_per_slice_last_five_minutes, memtable_cell_count,
            memtable_data_size, memtable_off_heap_memory_used,
            memtable_switch_count, number_of_partitions_estimate,
            off_heap_memory_used_total, pending_flushes, percent_repaired,
            read_latency, reads, space_used_by_snapshots_total, space_used_live,
            space_used_total, sstable_compression_ratio, sstable_count,
            table_name, write_latency, writes)

        -t <top>, --top <top>
            Show only the top K tables for the sort key (specify the number K of
            tables to be shown

        -u <username>, --username <username>
            Remote jmx agent username

            This option can be used to separate command-line options from the
            list of argument, (useful when arguments might be mistaken for
            command-line options

            List of tables (or keyspace) names