Cassandra Documentation




        nodetool import - Import new SSTables to the system

        nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)]
                [(-pp | --print-port)] [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]
                [(-pwf <passwordFilePath> | --password-file <passwordFilePath>)]
                [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] import
                [(-c | --no-invalidate-caches)] [(-e | --extended-verify)]
                [(-l | --keep-level)] [(-p | --copy-data)] [(-q | --quick)]
                [(-r | --keep-repaired)] [(-t | --no-tokens)] [(-v | --no-verify)] [--]
                <keyspace> <table> <directory> ...

        -c, --no-invalidate-caches
            Don't invalidate the row cache when importing

        -e, --extended-verify
            Run an extended verify, verifying all values in the new sstables

        -h <host>, --host <host>
            Node hostname or ip address

        -l, --keep-level
            Keep the level on the new sstables

        -p, --copy-data
            Copy data from source directories instead of moving them

        -p <port>, --port <port>
            Remote jmx agent port number

        -pp, --print-port
            Operate in 4.0 mode with hosts disambiguated by port number

        -pw <password>, --password <password>
            Remote jmx agent password

        -pwf <passwordFilePath>, --password-file <passwordFilePath>
            Path to the JMX password file

        -q, --quick
            Do a quick import without verifying sstables, clearing row cache or
            checking in which data directory to put the file

        -r, --keep-repaired
            Keep any repaired information from the sstables

        -t, --no-tokens
            Don't verify that all tokens in the new sstable are owned by the
            current node

        -u <username>, --username <username>
            Remote jmx agent username

        -v, --no-verify
            Don't verify new sstables

            This option can be used to separate command-line options from the
            list of argument, (useful when arguments might be mistaken for
            command-line options

        <keyspace> <table> <directory> ...
            The keyspace, table name and directories to import sstables from