Cassandra Documentation




        nodetool enablefullquerylog - Enable full query logging, defaults for
        the options are configured in cassandra.yaml

        nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)]
                [(-pp | --print-port)] [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]
                [(-pwf <passwordFilePath> | --password-file <passwordFilePath>)]
                [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] enablefullquerylog
                [--archive-command <archive_command>] [--blocking <blocking>]
                [--max-archive-retries <archive_retries>]
                [--max-log-size <max_log_size>] [--max-queue-weight <max_queue_weight>]
                [--path <path>] [--roll-cycle <roll_cycle>]

        --archive-command <archive_command>
            Command that will handle archiving rolled full query log files.
            Format is "/path/to/ %path" where %path will be replaced
            with the file to archive Enable this by setting the
            full_query_logging_options.allow_nodetool_archive_command: true in
            the config.

        --blocking <blocking>
            If the queue is full whether to block producers or drop samples

        -h <host>, --host <host>
            Node hostname or ip address

        --max-archive-retries <archive_retries>
            Max number of archive retries.

        --max-log-size <max_log_size>
            How many bytes of log data to store before dropping segments. Might
            not be respected if a log file hasn't rolled so it can be deleted.

        --max-queue-weight <max_queue_weight>
            Maximum number of bytes of query data to queue to disk before
            blocking or dropping samples.

        -p <port>, --port <port>
            Remote jmx agent port number

        --path <path>
            Path to store the full query log at. Will have it's contents
            recursively deleted.

        -pp, --print-port
            Operate in 4.0 mode with hosts disambiguated by port number

        -pw <password>, --password <password>
            Remote jmx agent password

        -pwf <passwordFilePath>, --password-file <passwordFilePath>
            Path to the JMX password file

        --roll-cycle <roll_cycle>
            How often to roll the log file (MINUTELY, HOURLY, DAILY).

        -u <username>, --username <username>
            Remote jmx agent username