Downloading Cassandra

Latest version

Cassandra is moving to a monthly release process called Tick-Tock. Even-numbered releases (e.g. 3.2) contain new features; odd-numbered releases (e.g. 3.3) contain bug fixes only. If a critical bug is found, a patch will be released against the most recent bug fix release. Read more about tick-tock here.

Download the latest Cassandra release: 3.9 (pgp, md5 and sha1), released on 2016-09-29.

Older supported releases

The following older Cassandra releases are still supported:

Older (unsupported) versions of Cassandra are archived here.


The Apache Cassandra project also provide official Debian™ packages (which are not a product of Debian™). To use those packages, you can use:

deb <release series> main
deb-src <release series> main

where <release series> is the series you want to install:

If after running apt-get update, you see an error message like:

GPG error: unstable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 0353B12C

you will need to add the public key of the current Cassandra “release manager”, here 0353B12C. You can do that with:

1gpg --keyserver --recv-keys <public key>
2gpg --export --armor <public key> | sudo apt-key add -

where <public key> is the key to add (0353B12C in the example above). The list of Apache contributors public keys is available at

Once set up, installing is done as usual with:

1sudo apt-get update
2sudo apt-get install cassandra

Some things to be aware of:

Third party distributions (not endorsed by Apache)

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra is available in Linux rpm, deb, and tar packages, a Windows MSI installer, and a Mac OS X binary.


Development is done in the Apache Git repository. To check out a copy:

1git clone