Events Approval Checklist

All Apache Cassandra® events must be approved by the Cassandra PMC. To obtain approval, make sure you have familiarized yourself with the Third-Party Event Branding Policy and the Apache Product Name Usage Guide, and provided all the details in the checklist below to the PMC via email at

The Apache Cassandra PMC reserves the right to withdraw event approval under reasonable circumstances.

Format & content

  • Provide details on the format of the event (number of tracks, length of talks, types of talks, etc.)

  • Outline the agenda

  • Include representatives from the PMC on your selection team

  • Provide details on how you will be selecting speakers

Trademark Compliance

  • Highlight how Apache and third-party products are being covered in the content - an event about an Apache product must include some sessions and lessons that can apply to the core download without needing third-party products

  • Include and provide details of the event’s anti-harassment policy - this must be identical to the ASF anti-harassment policy or an approved alternative.

  • Feature prominent attributions of all Apache marks and products used

  • Link the text “Apache Software Foundation” to

  • The first use of Apache Cassandra must use the full product name and be followed by the ® symbol. The same applies to any usage of the product name in page titles or email subjects.

  • Include a prominent description of the appropriate Apache product

  • Review and comply with the Third-Party Event Branding Policy

  • Review and comply with the Apache Product Name Usage Guide

  • Do not include any Apache or Apache product branding directly in your event branding

Email template

You can use this as a template for writing an email to the PMC for event approval:

I would like to kindly request the PMC’s approval for my upcoming {In-Person|Online} event.

My event, {EVENT NAME}, is set to take place on {DATE}. It will be focused on Apache Cassandra and will take the following format:

{Briefly explain the event format - include things like the number of tracks, length of the talks, types of talks, and whether the event will be online or in-person}

The event {Landing/Registration} page is visible at the following URL: {EVENT URL}

Here is an outline of the agenda that we are expecting to follow:

{Provide as much detail about the agenda as you have at this stage - make sure to highlight how you will be covering Apache products in your content}

We will be selecting speakers in the following manner:

{Provide details of your CFP and any processes you plan on implementing for speaker selection, indicating who will be involved in selecting speakers}

We will abide by all Apache trademark and branding guidelines and will include the ASF anti-harassment policy in our event materials.