Cassandra Day China

Calling all developers!

The Apache Cassandra community invites you to join us as we take Casssandra Days to China in December!


Cassandra Days focus on the open source Apache Cassandra project and the community that supports the project. Everyone (whether they are an individual user, contributor, or company) is welcome to attend and help organize these events.

These events are an opportunity for Apache Cassandra users, enthusiasts, and community members to share their experiences working with Cassandra daily, hear talks and participate in workshops for NoSQL beginners & experts.

Event info

In today’s world, chip computing power continues to rise. The IoT, AI, and machine vision have multiplied the growth of data. Big data technology has become a bridge between the chip to business, bringing new insights to enterprises, developers, and researchers. All major enterprises across the country are constantly racing on various tracks, with data pouring in from all corners of the country. How do they handle these data, and what supports their smooth experience and seamless connection?

Cassandra Day China 2022 will unveil the secret for you!

In order to help more developers understand Cassandra, Cassandra Day China 2022 will be held online on December 22, and will involve technical experts from well-known enterprises including China Golden Bridge, Mango TV, 360, Azul, Huawei, Intel Corporation and DataStax to share Cassandra’s relevant application experience from the perspective of actual users, help more developers build more convenient, safe and easy to use applications, and discover more possibilities! There will be expert Q&A plus prizes from our sponsors!


  1. Market outlook of China’s open-source database market - Lu Dongming @ China Golden Bridge

  2. Cassandra’s practice in Mango Data Marketing Service - Chen Cong @ Mango TV

  3. Multi-datacenter online migration practice - Guohao @ 360

  4. Configuration check & JVM performance optimization - Que Naizhen @ Azul

  5. Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) - Wei Deng @ DataStax

  6. Contributions to a faster Cassandra - Intel

  7. Expert Q&A plus prizes


Huge thanks to event sponsors Azul Systems and Intel Corporation, plus support from China Golden Bridge and the Apache Software Foundation.

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China Golden Bridge is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found here.

Cassandra Day China operates under the terms of the ASF’s Code of Conduct.



Cassandra Days专注于开源Apache Cassandra项目和支持该项目的社区。欢迎每个人(无论是个人用户、贡献者还是公司)参加并帮助组织这些活动。

这些活动为Apache Cassandra用户、爱好者和社区成员提供了一个机会,让他们每天分享与Cassandra一起工作的经验,聆听演讲并参加NoSQL初学者和专家的研讨会。



Cassandra Day China 2022将为您揭晓!

Apache Cassandra是一个开源的NoSQL分布式数据库,在不影响性能的情况下,其可扩展性和高可用性受到数千家公司的信赖。常见硬件或云基础设施上的线性可扩展性和经验证的容错能力使其成为任务关键型数据的完美平台。

为帮助更更多开发者了解Cassandra,Cassandra Day China 2022将于12月22日在线上举行,并将邀请来自 中达金桥芒果TV360Azul华为Intel Corporation, DataStax等知名企业的技术专家,为大家从实际使用角度带来Cassandra的相关应用经验分享,助力更多开发者构建更便捷、安全易用的应用与数据库,发现更多可能!会上更有专家问答、幸运抽奖等环节,诚邀各位开发者拨冗参会!


  1. 中国开源数据库市场前景

  2. Cassandra在芒果数据营销服务的实践

  3. Cassandra多数据中心在线迁移在360的实践

  4. 配置检查及JVM性能优化

  5. Zero Downtime Migration

  6. 英特尔助力加速Cassandra

  7. Q&A +抽奖(来自赞助商)


非常感谢活动赞助商 Azul SystemsIntel Corporation,以及 中达金桥Apache软件基金会的支持


中达金桥致力于为每个人提供无骚扰体验。我们的反骚扰政策可以在 这里找到。

Cassandra Day China是根据 ASF的行为准则进行运作的。