Cassandra Summit Catalyst Program Annoucement

We recently launched the Cassandra Catalyst Program, a new initiative that aims to recognize individuals who invest in the growth of the Apache Cassandra community by enthusiastically sharing their expertise, encouraging participation, and creating a welcoming environment. We are very excited that last week, at our annual Cassandra Summit, we were able to announce the inaugural group of Catalysts!

These individuals embody the virtues of a Cassandra Catalyst: trustworthy, expert contributors with a passion for connecting and empowering others with Cassandra knowledge. Through activities such as production deployments, educational material and conference talks these first Catalysts demonstrate their depth of Cassandra knowledge in many ways.

We are very excited to announce our first group of Catalysts:

Anyone can nominate an individual to become a Catalyst or apply themselves. This program applies to existing contributors who have been involved in Cassandra for years as well as for those who are newcomers to the community.

Catalyst applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a program committee that includes Apache Cassandra PMC members. Learn more, nominate someone, or apply today!

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