After a great inaugural meetup, we hosted the second Apache Cassandra town hall in May. If you are an Apache Cassandra end user or part of the Cassandra engineering community, town halls are a great way to share project and release updates and stay up-to-date on community activities.

Town halls occur at 8am PT on the fourth Thursday of every month.

Monitoring Cassandra Without Instrumentation Using eBPF

Presented by Dom Del Nano, Pixie

Imagine a world where you can access metrics and full-body traces in seconds, without changing your code. In this town hall, Dom gave an overview of eBPF, a powerful Linux kernel technology that is fundamentally changing the fields of observability, networking and security. He presented a live demo showing eBPF monitoring of Cassandra using only open source projects. Dom also showed us how to use Pixie, a eBPF-based Kubernetes observability tool, to quickly identify services and pods that send and receive Cassandra requests, inspect individual requests and responses, and calculate request latency, error rate, and throughput. This was a great presentation for those interested in Cassandra observability!

Apache Cassandra 5.0 Release Update

Presented by Josh McKenzie, Cassandra PMC Chair

CEP-28: Reading and Writing Cassandra Data with Spark Bulk Analytics

Presented by Dinesh Joshi, Cassandra PMC member and software engineer at Apple

Watch the Replay

If you’d like to learn more about CEP-28, you can watch the full replay of the Apache Cassandra Contributor Meeting where Dinesh walks us through the project in more detail.

Ways to Participate

To catch an upcoming Town Hall, check out our Planet Cassandra Global Meetup Group.

If you’re interested in sharing a case study or use case with the community, let us know.

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