Apache Cassandra World Party 2022

After the release of Apache Cassandra 4.0 last year, the feature floodgates opened, which means we have a lot to celebrate as the launch of v4.1 draws closer. In particular, this release enhances the pluggable nature of Apache Cassandra, enabling greater flexibility and extensibility without compromising the database’s stable core.

Reflecting that flexibility, the second annual Apache Cassandra World Party will be a hybrid event this year.

Virtual event details

We have a virtual event with three sessions on Wednesday, July 20 at 1200-1300 UTC, 1800-1900 UTC, and 0100-0200 UTC.

Watch Parties

In addition, there will be in-person gatherings this year. Local Watch Parties will take place where the community can gather to eat, drink, socialize and watch the sessions together. Current locations include London (Watch Party hosted by AxonOps) and Atlanta (Watch Party hosted by Home Depot) with other locations to be determined.

To receive the latest Cassandra World Party news and updates on local watch parties as we get closer to the event, make sure to register today.

Talks to Look out For

All the talks will be fast, five-minute ignite-style presentations, and today we’re excited to share details of what you can expect to hear:

Developing Enterprise Consciousness

Long-time contributor and project evangelist, Rahul Singh will speak on how businesses can achieve a Cassandra-powered platform that delivers data to users wherever they are and when they need it.

Apache Cassandra 4.1: Improved Snapshots

Explore recent improvements to snapshots in Apache Cassandra 4.1 with committer, Paulo Motta. Learn about auto snapshot cleanup and the refactoring of the legacy snapshot module.

Apache Cassandra 4.1: Tightening Security

Security has become a top priority for e-Commerce companies, Maulin Vasavada will discuss the enhancements in v4.1, particularly around data in transit using mTLS/TLS and PEM key support.

Data Visualisation with Apache Cassandra and Grafana

Aleks Volochnev, the self-confessed IT Exorcist will discuss his journey visualizing time-series data in a humble chart and building Cassandra Datasource for Grafana.

Getting to Know (Apache) Cassandra

Sharan Foga will be chatting about her experience joining the Apache Cassandra community and how the main thing that matters in community is that you care for each other.

Cleaning Large Scale Data in Cassandra

As the creator of Cassandra Lunch sessions, Rahul regularly covers how Cassandra can be combined with other technologies for powerful results. This talk will be a quick dive into democratizing data cleanups and other common data operations, using Apache Spark and Apache Airflow.

Building an Instant Messaging Application with Cassandra

Why NetDragon chose Apache Cassandra for an IM app project and how it went about building the app.

Using SSTable immutability for incremental backup

Manish Khandelwal offers a clever way to speed up incremental backups by only copying new SSTables that have appeared since the first backup.

Safe OS/system upgrades by rebooting

Serban Teodorescu will discuss how he implemented Netflix’s idea of in-place OS image upgrades on stateful cloud instances.

Other talks include monitoring tips, how Cassandra helps online education platforms handle all their data, and streaming graph on top of Cassandra.

Thank you, sponsors 💖!

With grateful thanks to our official Cassandra World Party sponsors for 2022:

AxonOps Home Depot

See You There

We want as many people around the world to be able to attend in their time zone, learn something about Apache Cassandra, meet others, and celebrate v4.1, our first release within the new 12-month schedule for releases and acknowledge the effort and talent that has made the whole project possible! We hope to see you there!