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Image credit: Eden Constantino on Unsplash

This month, we published a case study on Liquibase which supports Cassandra 3.11 and Apache Cassandra 4.0 in its solution for automating database updates. Liquibase is both the name of an open-source database change management project, licensed under Apache 2.0, and the name of the company that supplies a paid-for version for automating database schema changes at scale and speed for CICD.

As well as supporting Apache Cassandra for many years, Liquibase highly recommends Apache Cassandra for customers that generate large volumes of data: “We hear our customers say all the time that there is no platform that can take all that data as well as Apache Cassandra. If you’re generating tons of data, you need global resiliency; you are going to pick Cassandra. When you need to scale, it does that,” says Robert Reeves, CTO of Liquibase.

You can read more about the Liquibase case study here.