Apache Cassandra World Party 2022

The Apache Cassandra World Party (CWP) is this Wednesday, July 20, 2022! CWP is a one-day virtual event, held in three time zones, that unites the global community to celebrate the people and the technology behind Apache Cassandra.

Moderators Confirmed

The event promises to be a lot of fun with fast and informative talks from the Cassandra community, where speakers are given five minutes and their slides auto-advance every minute whether they’re ready or not. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the moderators for each session will be:

1200-1300 UTC: Jeremy Hanna and Chris Bradford

1800-1900 UTC: Ekaterina Dimitrova and Patrick McFadin

0100-0200 UTC Ben Bromhead and Erick Ramirez

To see the full schedule for these sessions, visit www.cassandraworldparty.org/.

Local Watch Party Update

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to relay. As COVID-19 infection levels have reached a record high in the UK, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the London Watch Party for the safety of attendees, but UK community members can still gather together online for the virtual event, which will take place between 1800-1900 UTC.

If you register for CWP updates, we will provide details of the future Cassandra event as soon as they have been confirmed.

We would like to thank our official sponsors for this year’s Apache Cassandra World Party: AxonOps and DataStax.



Learn more about the imminent release of Apache Cassandra 4.1 by heading to the official blog, where you’ll find a series of articles on the forthcoming features.