The Apache Cassandra community is pleased to announce two in-person Cassandra Day events in Europe in October. The first will take place in London on 11 October and the second event is in Amsterdam on 13 October. Together with the Berlin event that took place this month we have a veritable ‘Cassandra Day 2022 European tour’.

We would like to thank DataStax for organizing these events which are open to the entire community.

Cassandra Days focus on the open source Apache Cassandra project and the community that supports the project. Everyone (whether they are an individual user, contributor, or company) is welcome to attend and help organize these events.

These events are an opportunity for Apache Cassandra users, enthusiasts, and community members to share their experiences working with Cassandra daily, hear talks and participate in workshops for NoSQL beginners & experts.

Event Information

Cassandra Day London & Cassandra Day Amsterdam will take place in-person and will span a whole day, with hands-on workshops (Fundamentals; Data Modeling & App Development) in the morning and a keynote & tech talks in the afternoon.

For more information (such as venue, agenda, time table) head over to the registration pages. Registration is required to participate:

There will be talks for both beginners and experts from 3 pm, and Mick Semb Wever from the Apache Cassandra PMC will present on The Future of Apache Cassandra. The day will end with a social meetup for food & drink, quizzes, and, of course, prizes!

Call for Papers & More Details

There’s still time to submit a talk, and the call for papers is open to everyone to participate. Share your Cassandra knowledge and submit a paper today.

Head to the links above for more information and register today!