Cassandra Days Asia

Calling all developers!

The Apache Cassandra community invites you to join us as we take Casssandra Days to Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore in November!


Cassandra Days focus on the open source Apache Cassandra project and the community that supports the project. Everyone (whether they are an individual user, contributor, or company) is welcome to attend and help organize these events.

These events are an opportunity for Apache Cassandra users, enthusiasts, and community members to share their experiences working with Cassandra daily, hear talks and participate in workshops for NoSQL beginners & experts.

Event info

DISCOVER - Find out why the largest companies around the world including Apple, Netflix, Huawei and Instagram with millions of users around the world, billions of requests and petabytes of data choose Cassandra.

LISTEN - Hear from companies like Intel Corporation, the leading contributor to the Java open-source community, on how the Cassandra community can leverage the performance improvements from the Java/JDK optimizations, and Singapore-based FinTech Endowus on their investment platform built on Cassandra and their use of APIs for CRUD operations and data access.

MEET - Network with other developers, tech leaders, innovators & educators in your city.

Registration is FREE. For agenda and venue details:

  1. November 8 - Hanoi

  2. November 10 - Jakarta

  3. November 15 - Singapore