Apache Cassandra® 5.0: Moving Toward an AI-Driven Future

Cassandra 5.0 is coming soon!

We are excited about the upcoming availability of Apache Cassandra 5.0, the project’s major release for 2023! With a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, this release brings a host of exciting features and enhancements that empower you to take your data-driven applications to the next level.

Here’s an overview of some of the release’s major features:

Storage Attached Indexes

Our new Storage Attached Indexes provide lightning-fast data retrieval, allowing you to access the information you need with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Watch this video about Storage Attached Indexes.

Trie Memtables and Trie SSTables

Cassandra 5.0 includes Trie-based Memtables and SSTables, optimizing memory and storage usage, and ultimately improving the performance of your database. Watch this video about Trie Memtables.

New Mathematical CQL Functions

Take advantage of new mathematical CQL functions, including abs, exp, log, log10, and round, to perform complex calculations within your queries.

Unified Compaction Strategy

Streamline data organization and management, enhancing the efficiency and performance of your clusters.

Cassandra 5.0 introduces vector search, which leverages storage-attached indexing and dense indexing techniques to transform data exploration and analysis. This update is especially impactful for domains like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Watch this video about Vector Search.

Dynamic Data Masking

Cassandra 5.0 introduces new dynamic data masking (DDM) capabilities which allow you to obscure sensitive information using a concept called masked columns. DDM doesn’t change the stored data. Instead, it just presents the data in its redacted form during SELECT queries.

And Much More…​

Explore other exciting features like JDK 17 support, more guardrails, extended TTL, new vector data types, tools for large partition identification, support for Microsoft Azure, a CIDR authorizer, pluggable crypto providers, and a virtual table for system logs, among others.

Don’t miss out on these game-changing enhancements! Upgrade to Apache Cassandra 5.0 today and experience the future of data management. Ready to get started? Download Apache Cassandra 5.0 now and embrace the future of data.

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