Cassandra Server

Apache Cassandra ™ releases include the core server, the nodetool administration command-line interface, and a development shell (cqlsh and the old cassandra-cli).

The most stable release of Apache Cassandra is 2.1.7 (released on 2015-06-22). If you are looking for latest production ready Cassandra, download this one.

Third Party Distributions (not endorsed by Apache)

  • DataStax Community is available in Linux rpm, deb, and tar packages, a Windows MSI installer, and a Mac OS X binary.


The current major version of the Cassandra Query Language is CQL version 3. The CQL3 documentation for the current version of Cassandra (2.0) is available here. The documentation for CQL3 in Cassandra 1.2 is here.

New users to Cassandra should be sure to check out the Getting Started guide.

Development Cassandra Server Releases (not production ready)

The latest development release is 2.2.0-rc1 (released on 2015-06-08).

Previous and Archived Cassandra Server Releases

Previous stable branches of Cassandra continue to see periodic maintenance for some time after a new major release is made. The lastest release on the 2.0 branch is 2.0.16 (released on 2015-06-22).

The lastest release on the 1.2 branch is 1.2.19 (released on 2014-09-18).

Older (unsupported) versions of Cassandra are archived here.


The Cassandra source code is available to download:

Development is done in the Apache Git repository. To check out a copy:

git clone

Bleeding edge development snapshots of Cassandra are available from Jenkins continuous integration: trunk and 2.0.

Potential contributors should look over the wiki, in particular HowToContribute.