nodetool toppartitions - Sample and print the most active partitions for
        a given column family

        nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)]
                [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]
                [(-pwf <passwordFilePath> | --password-file <passwordFilePath>)]
                [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] toppartitions [-a <samplers>]
                [-k <topCount>] [-s <size>] [--] <keyspace> <cfname> <duration>

        -a <samplers>
            Comma separated list of samplers to use (Default: all)

        -h <host>, --host <host>
            Node hostname or ip address

        -k <topCount>
            Number of the top partitions to list (Default: 10)

        -p <port>, --port <port>
            Remote jmx agent port number

        -pw <password>, --password <password>
            Remote jmx agent password

        -pwf <passwordFilePath>, --password-file <passwordFilePath>
            Path to the JMX password file

        -s <size>
            Capacity of stream summary, closer to the actual cardinality of
            partitions will yield more accurate results (Default: 256)

        -u <username>, --username <username>
            Remote jmx agent username

            This option can be used to separate command-line options from the
            list of argument, (useful when arguments might be mistaken for
            command-line options

        <keyspace> <cfname> <duration>
            The keyspace, column family name, and duration in milliseconds