Getting and keeping in touch

Mailing lists

Discussion and questions on Cassandra’s usage and development happens mainly on the following mailing lists:


To chat with developers or users in real-time, join our channels on IRC freenode:

Communication on the #cassandra-dev channel is publicly archived.

Stack Overflow

You can also check the Q&A about using Cassandra on Stack Overflow.

Books and Publications

Reporting bugs

If you encounter a problem with Cassandra, the first places to ask for help are the user mailing list and the #cassandra IRC channel.

If, after having asked for help, you suspect that you have found a bug in Cassandra, you should report it by opening a ticket through the Apache Cassandra JIRA. Please provide as much details as you can on your problem, and don’t forget to indicate which version of Cassandra you are running and on which environment.